All withdrawals must have the signature of the Junior Saver if they have reached their 7th birthday.
Some accounts are set up so that an adult retains control, and withdrawals from these accounts must have the adult’s countersignature as well as the child’s signature.
It is possible that the child will be unable to attend the Info Point to sign the withdrawals form and the form can be taken away for signature.
Withdrawals should be requested on the form Junior Saver Withdrawal Notice for savers over 7 and less than 16 years of age. The payment will be made payable to the Junior Saver unless otherwise instructed.
Collectors should find out if the child has a bank or building society account in his/her name so that the payment can be paid in. If not the name of the payee must be completed so that it can be paid into an adult’s bank account.
If the Junior Saver wants to cash a cheque at NatWest they may have a passport they can use as ID. If they need a Credit Union ID slip they must attend the Info Point to collect it.
If the cheque is for an adult to cash an ID slip can be issued as long as the adult is a member.


Children under 7 are not able to sign for withdrawals. As a general rule no withdrawals should be made until the child is able to sign. If a withdrawal is requested use the form Withdrawal on behalf of a Junior Saver under the age of seven.